According to FAO figures, by 2050 the Earth will be populated by 10 billion people. These numbers will require a radical transformation in the way food is produced, processed, traded and consumed. Feeding this expanding population in a nutritious and sustainable manner will require substantial improvements to global food systems.
Culture, we are holders of a unique heritage and we have a responsibility to preserve, maintain, improve and promote it. Innovation must be rooted and grounded in local history. 
Environment, a future of growth, more technology in the agricultural system and attention to health and nutrition. But also a future of collapse, considering how climate change is affecting crop growth.
This is where Future Food started with the aim of answering two questions: how does change fit into a more sustainable food future? How can we achieve higher nutritional quality and even more accurate control? 
Nature and technology are thus increasingly coming into close contact, creating the link that is already the basis of the food of the future.
In collaboration with Francesco Rucci and Contrasto Agency
Here is a small part of the work
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