Francesco Marinelli | Born in Bologna, Italy in 1998. He obtained a degree in Food Technology at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna. After a few years in which the study of photography was mostly self-taught and alongside professionals in the sector, the need arose in him for a circular knowledge based on history, technique and visual culture. He decides, therefore, in 2020 to attend the "Photography: Forms and Methods" course at C.f.p. Bauer of Milan.
The radical change from food technologist to young aspiring photographer is the driving force that spurred him to give the best of himself, a sign that this need arises from a deep and conscious desire.
Over the years, photography has taken on an increasingly important role in his life, to the point of becoming his most spontaneous language of expression. From intriguing interest it became a dimension in which he could immerse himself to grow and listen to himself.
His mission thus becomes over time to be able to define his style of language to communicate clearly and effectively ideas, experiences and concepts that arise from him or from participation with other figures.
After graduating, he did not abandon his interest in the food sector trying to find the union between photography and food science and technology. It was born right then, with the collaboration of Francesco RucciFuture Food: a project on emerging technologies applied to food and the evolution of the concept of food in the future. The photographic documentary is in production but has already been lucky enough to be published on Nature, FocusInternazionale and IoDonna.
However, he wants to document the subject of food all round, so he starts other projects in various styles, from architecture (Drive Out) to still life (We are what we reject), passing through portrait (Riders) and social involvement projects (Seduti a tavola).
Is very sensitive to the issue of the climate crisis and documents the relationship between man and nature, especially in the mountain environment (Every catastrophe holds an opportunity).
Since 2022, he has been organising workshops for children and adolescents, using the photovoice method to analyse social situations: in Tanzania, how environments and relationships are experienced in a school in the Iringa district (Photovoice in Kidamali), and in Italy, how people live around a table (Seduti a tavola).
In the wake of documenting social aspects, he made his first video documentary in Africa: The Bravery To Blossom In Darkness, a short film that, through extravagant children and legends investigates social inclusion in Tanzanian schools.
Francesco Marinelli _ photographer
Publications and exhibitions
Exhibition at Dolomiti contemporanee: delle foreste e delle acque August-Dicember 2023: Every catastrophe holds an opportunity, part of the project Anatomia e dinamica di un territorio curated by Giorgio Barrera, Dolomiti Contemporanee, Teresa De Toni e Stefano Collarin
Published on Nature The Journal June 2023: article about Future Food
Published on National Geographic Italia June 2023: article about Future Food
Exhibition at Wageningen University and Research January-March 2023: Future Food curated by Simone Ritzer
Partecipated to OpenStudio ProgettoBorca October 2022: talk about Every catastrophe holds an opportunity, part of the project Anatomia e dinamica di un territorio curated by Giorgio Barrera e Dolomiti Contemporanee
Published on Nature The Journal October 2022: article about Future Food
Published on Nature The Journal Sectember 2022: article about Future Food
Exhibition at Yeast Photo Festival July-September 2022: Future Food curated by Edda Fahrenhorst
Published on Focus Germany July 2022: article about Future Food
Talk at SiFest Summer Photo July 2022: talk about Future Food
Published on Internazionale November 2021: article in the portfolio section about Future Food curated by Elena Boille
Published on IoDonna of Corriere Della Sera November 2021: article about Future Food curated by Renata Ferri
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