The photo project is an ode to the people who work hard to ensure that visitors can climb to the summit of Africa's highest mountain. The images capture the beauty and majesty of Kilimanjaro, but above all the importance of the community that makes this journey possible.
However, these photos are also a warning message about the climate change that is affecting the mountain. The ice on the peaks of Kilimanjaro is disappearing and the water problem is becoming more and more serious. Between 1912 and 2000, 82% of the mountain's ice disappeared. But the impact on local water resources is likely to be even more severe. The impact of the loss of that ice could add to the burden of drought, which already afflicts those living near this mountain. 
Finally, through the images of the porters, we question the role of tourism in these highlands. Is it right to promote tourism on Kilimanjaro if it means damaging the mountain's fragile ecosystem? Or can tourism become an opportunity to support the local community and help safeguard the mountain?
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