The workshop
As part of the No One Left Behind project, together with the IBO Italy team in Tanzania we organized a participatory photography workshop in which photography was used as a tool to investigate the self, the exploration of the other and the community, with the aim of communicating and raising awareness on the project's themes: disability, inclusion, special educational needs. 
Photography becomes a means to transversally explore these spaces of investigation through the collective and private work of the young people involved.

A workshop organised with IBO Italia
Training and shooting
The workshop comprised a theoretical training part, in which the participants were trained in the use of the camera and the language of documentary photography, and a practical part, in which digital cameras were distributed to the students, who were able to photograph freely in the school environment, focusing on the proposed themes.
This was followed by a phase of reviewing and sharing the photographic material: the images were reviewed, commented on and discussed with the students.
Return and exhibition
Finally, a photo exhibition was organised within the school to share the achievements with other students, teachers and, above all, the whole community.
Are you interested in investigating a social aspect through photography?
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