The workshop is part of a photographic project born from the desire to analyse from different points of view being at the table and the social interactions that are created when sharing a meal. The table is seen not only as a physical space on which we eat, but above all as a place for listening, relating and growing. To see this moment from a different perspective, a photography course was organised for children and young people. They were given an analogue camera and a roll of film, and the participants first learnt some basic photography techniques and then tried their hand at the actual task: taking the whole roll of film, free to interpret the theme of the project as they liked. They decided to narrate it in the style they preferred, involving other family members or deciding to undertake a personal process. After the return of the analogue camera, the rolls of film were developed and, finally, the photos were printed to be returned to their owners.

Project developed in collaboration with Pensa Solidale
Text from No. 6
Questo tizio è stato trovato morto a pranzo mentre faceva un puzzle. Lui rideva ingenuo e poi è stato assassinato. La detective Emily è sul caso e ha individuato già 5 sospettati: il puzzle stesso, la carne, la lasagna, la sedia e Spiderman. Emily ha riguardato i filmati e ha visto che il tizio aveva scattato delle foto e in una di queste foto fatte di fretta e nella foto c'era la sedia!
Sotto il posto in cui c'era la sedia c'è un pennarello e il cadavere del tizio è sporco di pennarello!
Emily ha capito è stata la sedia a uccidere il tizio.
La sedia è stata messa in prigione ma la sua famiglia avrebbe dovuto fare il puzzle e la prossima colazione da soli per il resto della loro vita.

The end result of the workshop was a box containing a fanzine for each participant. 
The participants were given their printed photos as gifts.

Are you interested in investigating a social aspect through photography?
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