28 minutes, Tanzania, 2023
Italian, with English subtitles
The intention of 'The bravery to blossom in darkness' is to raise awareness of disability in the community. The documentary was filmed in a school followed by the association IBO Italy with the aim of being screened as part of the awareness-raising campaign on the issue of school inclusion of children with disabilities and albinism in the region of Iringa, Tanzania. The school in question, Kipera Primary School, is the only one in the district with an accessible dormitory to accommodate children with disabilities and albinism who would otherwise not be able to attend school. Subsequently, the same documentary was used in Italy to publicise the reality in which IBO operates in Tanzania, thus creating a link between the two worlds.
2023 | Focus On Ability Short Film Festival
2023 | International Ethnographic Film Festival OKO
2023 | Milano Short Film Festival
"This film is extremely wonderful!" said the director of OKO after the screening. Every frame in it is literally a work of art, and we always appreciate when a director is able to combine interesting characters, stories and technical skills. The director doesn't force viewers to memorize information, but helps them to have an abiding interest. Who is the real hero of this film: the African children, the camera, the director? 
A documentary by: Francesco Marinelli
Script by: Giacomo Calleri
Translation by: Maria Giovanna Speltini
Realized by: IBO Italia
With the contribution of: Italian Agency for Development Cooperation AICS
Still frame
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